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DSC_3799 (2)1Imagine being involved in a boating accident and being left with spine and neck damage, what would you do? Some would accept their fate and allow that damage to become worse and worse throughout the passing years. Possibly living with debilitating pain the only way you would be taught how, through a medicinal bottle. That is not what Gabriela did; she would not accept that fate by any stretch of the imagination!

She actually spent 15 years in New York practicing yoga along with mat Pilates. Being a lifelong advocate for healthy living, she was not about to let an accident keep her down. She studied through the world-renowned Body Arts and Science International program in order to hone in on the specifics of Pilates. With her experience and training with Pilates and her accident combined it became a movement for her to study and become an instructor.

Gabriela is fully aware of the struggle and just how difficult it can often times be to pick yourself up and relearn something, and this is what she turns over to her clients as well. She has a very open style of teaching and her soft communication skills make her clients feel very secure in her studio.

While at Gabika Pilates you can be sure that Gabriela is just as focused on your quality of life and assisting you in making yourself feel better as you are. She is continually teaching people to work through their pain management so they can enjoy a life without pain pills or invasive surgeries as well.

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