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2014-08-04 06.31.57Joseph H. Pilates was truly on to something when he invented a body conditioning method that strengthens the muscles while lengthening them at the same time. The low impact movements being performed in a sequence with few repetitions is exactly what someone needs in order to become in tune with their own body.

One of the main benefits of Pilates is body awareness. There is a certain awareness that is learned in order to practice it in your everyday life. Whether it is walking through the grocery store, bending over, or simply standing; the movements you learn in Pilates will come forth and force you to correct the poor actions and replace them with correct ones.

Pilates will teach you to retrain your mind and thinking patterns as well as build symmetrical lines with your very own body. We will be happy to teach you exactly how to take hold of the little things in your life and build the willpower to change your everyday living to make it a more positive experience.

Realizing things about your body that you never really noticed before and applying what you learn in Pilates class is our reward. When we are givenĀ a testimonial from a client, for example, who may have found a tweak in their neck that they never noticed before and through the techniques that we have taught them were able to correct it themselves. That is where our satisfaction comes into play.

Here at Gabika Pilates Studio we thrive on the continued wellness and improvements of our classes and clients. There is nothing quite as rewarding as a client that comes to us as a skeptic and through training, education, and perseverance leaves a change person. A changed person with such a level head regarding their body and just how important it is to listen to their body and correct it whenever necessary.

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